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In 2018 we created the "Clean Cargo Project" It all happen when we took a trash can with wheels and decided to turn it into a mobile hygiene closet for Atlanta elementary students. We service "Title 1" elementary schools, these are schools with a student base where at least 40% come from low-income families. Students receive items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant  , shampoo . Etc We're on a mission to help improve character, self-esteem and a healthier next generation.


Founder, Johari Dozier set out to proceed with one of the biggest projects he's ever committed to. What we know now as the "Clean Cargo Project". Johari recognize that it was students that could truly use extra support with essential hygiene products. The ones most take for granted. Once realizing schools did not have space for officials hygiene closets.  He creatively took a trash can with wheels and set out to fill it up with hygiene products. One trashcan could collect over 500 items, serving more than 50 students. 

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